Sailing gave her salt spray, sunrises, and flying fish

Boater took up sailing when pandemic hit

Meet Tracy Walsh, a registered nurse living in Lighthouse Point. She owns a 1983 S2 11.0c SV Sea Casa 36-foot center cockpit monohull sailboat named Sea Casaby.

“I don’t have many regrets, but I really wish I had found sailing earlier in my life. It is both physically and mentally challenging but will keep me young and healthy in mind, body and spirit for many years to come.”

What do you like best and least about your boat?
As comfort goes, the spacious “captain’s quarters” and a separate shower with a “bathtub” are definitely bonuses when cruising overnight.

As for my least favorite, I’d like more forward deck space.

Who travels with you?
My dog, Shanti, is always with me on the boat. I can’t sail Sea Casaby myself and even if I could, what fun would that be?

Over the last 18 months, I have developed the most amazing friendships in the sailing community with people who often join me and who are always welcome.

How did you take up boating?
I was introduced to sailing in March 2020, just before COVID and I was instantly hooked. It also made sense to pursue a healthy outdoor activity like sailing given the circumstances.

What do you most enjoy about being on the water?
The wind, salt spray, sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, dolphins, seagulls, full moons, sparkles, flying fish, waves, friends, grilling, music and so much more.

Describe your most recent outing:
My best friend’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve and although we couldn’t take Sea Casaby sailing, we enjoyed staying on the boat where we grilled up some dinner, enjoying the company of other boaters. And I got to blow my conch shell at midnight.

Where are your favorite places to go?
I’m a huge fan of The Florida Keys and am planning to sail to the Dry Tortugas in March. It will be my first extended sail as captain of my own boat.

What is your must have item on board?
My ukulele! Music is another love of mine that’s intertwined with my sailing spirit.

What has been your most challenging experience on the water?
Sorry, I really can’t answer this question. My mom will be reading this and she worries enough as it is!

Do you have a dream boat?
One that doesn’t require too much maintenance! I know I’m dreaming.

Any advice to new boaters?
Have fun and be safe.